Front cover + logo by Jæn
          DasGhost, the collective of artists composed of Pictoplasma Academy 2015 alumni, is proud to present its ghostly stickerbook, made with the great Klebstoff / Stickermag and coordinated / designed by Jæn, printed to be available for our group show in Urban Spree, Berlin.

          30 artists from all over the world took part in this otherworldly collection of more than 160 sticking and haunting spooks (not with the book's layout, order, or cool black and white pages, mind you):
Jenny Bhatt                                                Nathaniel Rueda
Kevin Hamon                                                Emrah Tümer
Monika Mitkute                        Mikko Heino                        Viola Lippmann
stnk                                                Melanie Mussegg
Cynthia Mavros                                                Criss Bustamante
Anna Benner                                                rangus
Sahar Khraibani                        Avi Ofer                        Philip Adamsen
Sophie Herken                        Mariana Anthropelou                        Astrid Sattler
Aafke Mertens                        Esra Buyukdoganay                       Ville Salervo
Kelle Schwab                                                I-Nu Yeh
Anna Laytham                                                Ossi Pirkonen
Amélie Tourangeau                                                Bia Sanches
Back cover (Jæn)
Bonus: stickers by Jæn that couldn't fit in the final layout
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